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FUSION Lifting Stick - Raise Your Fishhouse With Your Auger - FUSION Products

FUSION Lifting Stick – Raise Your Fishhouse With Your Auger


FUSION Lifting Stick – Raise Your Fishhouse With Your Auger

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The FUSION Lifting Stick is the first tool developed to raise your fish house with a tool you already have on the lake: Your ION Ice Auger.  Leave the drill at home and use this safer, more durable lifting alternative.  The simple result of a massively overthought product, FUSION is itself very basic, but it offers many great benefits over the other lifting alternatives on the market.



The patents-pending FUSION was designed after fielding complaints from customers using aluminum drill adapters.  We offered them for sale and it seemed that all sorts of horror stories started creeping up.  “I didn’t know not to lower the house with it!  Boy, I went for a RIDE!”, and “I dropped my new drill right in the slush and it hasn’t been the same since…” are just a couple of the things we have heard from customers and it challenged us with the question: What viable alternative is there.  Then it hit us like a ton of bricks: The electric auger!  It’s built for the elements, but most importantly, it is already with you on the ice.  It isn’t another thing to remember.  And for nearly all houses we have tested it on, it’s plenty powerful and safe for the job.


Those are machined on limited equipment and the tight tolerances required to prevent wallowing cannot be met.  The result is a tool that begins to wear excessively the very first time it is used.  FUSION is an extruded product whose fit isn’t reliant on machining.  The precision fit extends the life of the tool, and because the shape carries through nearly the entire length of the tool, FUSION can be renewed up to 15 TIMES!  This means that if FUSION does wallow, crack or is somehow damaged, you aren’t required to buy another FUSION.  You simply trim the end of the tool to renew its perfect fitting shape.  We haven’t found the need to do this even once, but it’s a great feature that is always there if you need it.


As if FUSION isn’t already a great product and could be offered as a dull raw aluminum product, we take the time to polish every FUSION before labeling.  It’s messy and takes time, and it might be just a point of pride, but we love this thing and feel you deserve a great looking product.


Also, while every other winch handle adapter on the market provides you very little direction, FUSION includes a multi-page guide explaining how to properly use the tool and set up the house for use, and also includes decals to apply to the winch itself to ensure you know which direction to set the safety pawl and auger rotation.  When the setup is completed and the directions are followed, the 14″ long FUSION will prove to be a safe alternative to cranking by hand or with a drill adapter as it keeps you AWAY from the fish house in the event of a catastrophic failure.


Currently the FUSION Lifting Stick is only tested and found compatible with the ION and ION X Ice Auger.  This is in large part to the soft-starting motor and optimal, 208 RPM speed.  The StrikeMaster and Ice Gator augers are instant-on models that could cause injury if used with FUSION.  Power is not as important as control in any lifting situation.  As we are able to test other new tools and augers we will update the list.  Because the ION augers are the only ones we approve for use, the FUSION comes standard with an ION Stub Shaft for use with the Auger Quick Release System, or it may be fastened directly to the output shaft of the ION auger itself.


When the sun comes out for good and we put away the augers until next year, the fusion is still able to be used for camping.  Now is the time to break out the drill and purchase a FUSION drill-adapting stub shaft (available spring 2017) to make use of the FUSION year-round.


FUSION is unconditionally guaranteed for life against cracking and breakage.  The tool may wallow with incorrect use and age, but the renew-ability of the FUSION Lifting Stick is one of the great, value-adding features that give it an edge over all the other products on the market.  FUSION is not approved or endorsed by any auger manufacturer, and use of FUSION may void your warranty.  If you experience an auger failure using FUSION, we will consider goodwill replacements on a case-by-case basis, but the extent of the written warranty is a replacement of the FUSION itself in the event of cracking or breakage.  Unapproved tools (e.g.: gasoline or propane auger powerhead, converted die grinder, buffer/polisher etc.) will not be replaced and no warranty is offered for use of FUSION with such tools.  Refer to the current information and compatibility list on the website and always keep the tool speed under 200 RPM.  Refer to the included written warranty for further details.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 in
Alone or Combo

FUSION w/ ION Stub Shaft, FUSION w/ION Stub Shaft and AQRS system


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