Today I’m very proud to show the world the result of a very overthought and overbuilt product that -in the end- is about as simple as it can get.  Meet the FUSION Lifting Stick.  A product with the customer in mind.  Everything about FUSION was carefully thought out to ensure the best possible user experience.  As it turns out, less was more as we moved from concept, to prototype, to final patent-pending design.

Other lifting alternatives on the market today are very decent, but for as much as they bring to the table in convenience, they can sometimes create other issues.  Poor machining tolerances, extra parts, tools, etc. can all take away from the joy of having a fish house.  The FUSION Lifting Stick was designed to solve problems that other lifting alternatives were creating.  Our precision fitting aluminum shaft fits better than any other we have seen and has been tested to temps as low as 30 below zero.  Because it is aluminum, it is not heavy and awkward, but balanced and quite easy to manage.  Of course, there is potential for wallowing with incorrect use (holding at an angle), but this can be corrected easily by trimming the end of the FUSION to restore the shape.  Longer stub shafts will become available to maintain the safer distance from the winch than others provide.  The availability of a drill-adapting stub shaft will make the FUSION available to those who do not yet own an electric auger to enjoy our product.  We are very proud of what we have here today, and will always seek to improve upon the design if needed.


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